Due to the national Lockdown Auctions have been postponed

Terms and Conditions

Inside auction house

How to Buy

  • Registration  - Come in during our opening hours to register to bid and receive a Bidding Number.
  • Bidding - Attend the auction and bid using your bidding card. If you are unable to be there on the day or just a bit nervous about bidding yourself you can leave bids with the auctioneer or staff who will bid on your behalf; or we can call you as your item comes up for sale so you can bid from wherever you are. Items are sold as seen and the Auctioneers decision is final. 
  • Payment - On the day of the auction Cash and Card are accepted (except American Express & Diners). Any other payment day or type has to be by arrangement with the auctioneer or staff.
  • Commission - We charge 15% of the sales price, this will be added when you pay for the items you bought

Inside auction house

How to Sell

Registration - Contact Us to register to sell items. Is it treasure or not? We can come to your property to appraise items for a small charge. We do not sell bric-a-brac, beds and some white goods. All items accepted into the auction will be at the discretion of the auctioneer.

Reserve Prices - We will discuss a price that you will be happy to sell your items at, and if they don't reach this amount we will not sell them. We do not reserve items  that are valued at under £50. The Auctioneer has a 10% discretion.

Commission - We charge 20% on the sale price or a minimum of £5. This will be deducted prior to us making payment.

Handling - All unsold lots will have a £1 per lot handling charge.


Collection & Delivery Service

Transportation of Items to or from the Auction House will be charged based on the item and distance travelled. Please discuss this with the Auctioneer or staff prior to your purchase or sale.

What happens that you might see, and what else takes place

old set of drawers





Understanding all aspects of the workplace, including Health & Safety.

Needs and expectations of employers, colleagues, customers and self.

Recognising barriers to employment and how to overcome them in order to sustain employment.

Making use of positive, solution-focussed approaches with short, medium and long-term goal setting and achieving.

Writing CV’s and application forms.

Preparing and practicing for interviews.

table being restored





Customer Services – appearance, manner and implementation of our values in all areas of work experience.

Building on-the-job knowledge, skills, experience and confidence in one or more areas of interest:

Procurement – Buying and selling on-line, at auctions, and face to face at various venues.

Deliveries – van driving, collection and delivery of goods, manual handling.

Furniture restoration – clean, restore and polish household goods, glassware, furniture and antiques.

Retail – pricing, merchandising, customer care and awareness, sales and end of day reconciliation, and delivery arrangement.and selling 

finished products in someones house





Advice and guidance, and empathy from a member of staff at all times when in Education, Training and employment.

Follow up assistance once in employment to ensure sustainability, for as long as is required.

Annual Report

Smile Scotland Annual Report and Financial Statement for year end March 2019.

Audited Annual Report 2018-19 (pdf)